Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Vibes at a difficult time

This is another piece of work for the Brent MPS 'Perfect Smile' project and was designed by Delia of Upper Key Stage 2.

Some wonderful sentiments about keeping positive at this difficult time.

Missing soothing times with our therapy dog

This is by Amelia of Upper Key Stage 2. She wrote and drew it for Brent MPS 'Perfect Smile' Project. What a fanstastic drawing!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mariam's writing about the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Wow! This is a wonderful piece of writing from Mariam who is in Early Years Foundation Stage and just 4 years old.

The Frog Invasion!

Three children who are in school at the moment wrote these stories about a frog invasion.

Kieren (Key Stage 1)
Samirah (Upper Key Stage 2)
Eddie (Lower Key Stage 2)

Fruit, veg and flower quiz for Chalkhill Writers

Did you help plant vegetables or flowers in the school garden?

I popped in yesterday durinhg my exercise to see how they are growing. I am glad to say that Mr Ricardo and Mr Franco have been looking after them really well.

Are you growing anything during lockdown?  Even if you have no garden you can use a balcony or sunny window sill.

You could keep a diary and record each week the progress of your plant - its height, how many leaves, when the first buds appear, the first flowers and send it in to Chalkhill Writers so it can appear here.

Now for a quiz - can you name these plants? Link to answers at the bottom of the page

1. Ms Olie will be very pleased with this one

2. Yummy - this fruit is different because it has seeds on the outside
3. Not tall enough for Jack yet

4. Used to make a delicious crumble
5. This fruit bush has gone a bit crazy. Children joke about blowing one.
6. There are two plants here. One is said to keep away the devil and the other has a round head
That's the fruit and vegetables done. Can you name these flowers:

7. The name is sometimes used for someone who is lonely at a party or dance
8. This lovely flower was named after a Greek Goddess who rode on rainbows. Also a girl's name.
9. A beautiful member of the onion family - bees love it!
10. We planted this in memory of Joyce Bacchus one of our school governors
11. Named after a mythical creature - do you know why?
12. This one had me puzzled... it used to be really valuable
Click HERE for the answers.

We have also got vegetables growing in the community allotment next to the railway line in Anton Place. There we have cauliflower seedlings, courgettes, tomatoes, onions, radishes and potatoes.

I wonder if you will be back in school in time to eat them?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Diary Entry – A way to remain positive / happy during COVID-19 Lockdown

Dear Diary,
As you know that the weather last week was really beautiful. It was nice sunny with temperatures mostly above 20°c throughout the week as if the summer had already started. It was making me wanting to go out in park or beach to enjoy myself in this lovely weather but I couldn’t as we all know “It’s CORONA TIME” i.e. to remain indoors. That felt very sad, boring and frustrating.
One such sunny day, while I was sitting next to the window, I started thinking about my last year’s summer days when on similar sunny weekend, our family along with my parents friends had driven to Durdle Door for a day out. Just the memory of that day brought a smile on my face which made me feel happy and joyful.
So my advice for all during this lockdown to stay positive and happy, just cherish your old beautiful memories as good times will be back soon.
I have tried to draw my memory of Durdle Door beach using MS Paint below.

Thank You
Charmie (Lower Key Stage 2)

Marwaan's Mexico leaflet in Spanish

Marwaan of Upper Key Stage 2 used his ICT skills and combined them with Spanish to complete his Mexico leaflet.