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Alcompous and the Incredible Stiplikonko

Orion from Lower Key Stage 2 has let us have this remarkable piece of home learning. Well done!

The Stiplikonko – Alcompous’ Incredible Invention


Chapter 1 the admirable germ

Chapter 2 Alcompous’s job

Chapter 3 Alcompous’s confusion 

Chapter 4 Alcompous’s big idea

Chapter 5 Alcompous’s incredible invention

Chapter 6 Alcompous makes a team 

Chapter 7 Alcompous’s rewards


Chapter 1 the admirable germ

Alcompous Worm Soil is a small, green mongerstopeger[i] that cared for the environment. He had an extremely kind personality, a curious way of thinking and an energetic way of moving. All the mongerstopegers of Germland[ii] admired him because his job helped them live healthily.

Chapter 2 Alcompous’s job

Alcompous’s job was to stop careless mongerstopegers from dropping filthy rubbish on the floor. He talked very seriously so the mongerstopegers would listen to him. However, his boss, Criplishpee, was jealous of how much attention Alcompous was getting. “I can’t figure out why all the mongerstopegers like Alcompous so much but don’t give me the same attention even though I do the same job!” he muttered to himself.  So, one day Criplishpee thought of a trick that would make Alcompous look stupid.

Chapter 3 Alcompous’s confusion
One dark, gloomy day, Alcompous was cleaning up as usual but Criplishpee was creeping behind him and tipping over the rubbish cans! Criplishpee sneaked back to his office and waited for Alcompous to come. When Alcompous came back from cleaning, Criplishpee told him off and shouted, “Why did you leave the street untidy, stupid mongerstopeger!”

Alcompous was confused and ashamed. He went to his house to think of a clever way to make Criplishpee proud. He didn’t want to be called stupid because everyone he met admired him. He looked in his room for an idea of what he could do but he couldn’t find anything, so he went to sleep.

Chapter 4 Alcompous’s big idea  

The next day was bright and sunny and Alcompous kept looking for something he could do to show Criplishpee that he was wrong. He looked for an hour and then found something that produced an idea in his head. He could build a diamond to help clean up the mess! The best part of building a diamond in Germland for your boss is that building a diamond is hard to do and bosses of mongerstopegers like diamonds because diamonds are sparkly and shiny. So, if a mongerstopeger builds a diamond for their boss, they get rewarded with a lifetime supply of food.

Alcompous started building the diamond as fast as he could. When he finished, he ran to work swiftly, feeling proud of himself. He was so quick that he was 3 hours early! Alcompous thought Criplishpee would be amazed that he built a diamond to clean up Germland. “Look boss I built something sparkly and shiny to clean the mess!” Alcompous said proudly. But when he showed Criplishpee the diamond, Criplishpee shouted, “What are you talking about Alcompous this is just a shiny, sparkly rock. A diamond does not clean!” When Alcompous heard this, he felt like a failure and went back home and went to sleep.   

Chapter 5 Alcompous’s incredible invention

At 2am, Alcompous jumped out of bed feeling excited. He had had a dream that showed him inventing things like the ripeou32, which is a mongerstopeger version of a water bottle. He also dreamed about the friptonko, which is a mongerstopeger version of a house. He felt better because he remembered how good he was at inventing. He collected a hammer, a saw, a fire lighter, some metal, a wipe and a water sprayer. He made lots of noise in his room and when he finished, he wiped his invention clean and thought of a name.

He ran to his children (Al, Come and Pous). Pous, who always woke up earlier than the others, heard the noise and checked behind the door to see if Alcompous was there. When he saw his dad he asked, “Daddy, why was there so much noise and what are you doing?” Alcompous explained, “I was going to wake up you, Al and Come so I could show you an incredible invention called the stiplikonko[iii].” Alcompous gently shook Come and Al while Pous sat and played with his cars. Al slowly got out of bed and yawned. Come got out of bed and stretched. “Come and see my new invention!” Alcompous said excitedly. Come was excited because she loved seeing her dad’s inventions. The four of them ran to Alcompous’s room and the children were so surprised that they ran around the room exclaiming, “What an incredible invention!”           

Chapter 6 Alcompous makes a team   

Soon enough Alcompous had to go to work. He was excited because today he would show Criplishpee the stiplikonko. Alcompous arrived earlier than usual and started using his new invention. He really enjoyed using it because it sucked anything in its way (No matter if its big or small.) Criplishpee watched in anger as Alcompous worked and muttered, “This is ruining my plan!”

When Alcompous came in from work he found a ginger beer can that he had cleaned the day before and then he got extremely suspicious. Criplishpee was feeling uncomfortable because he knew Alcompous might find out that he made the mess. So he confessed, “It was me who made the streets messy!” “What!” cried Alcompous “No wonder I was so confused. It was you who made the mess in the streets and then you blamed it on me! I quit!”

Criplishpee cried “Please don’t quit, you’re our best cleaner! I’m very sorry for what I’ve done. I shouldn’t have pretended that you made the mess just because I was jealous.

“You were jealous?!” Alcompous exclaimed, “There’s no need to be jealous because you helped me be a good cleaner!” Criplishpee calmed down because he realised that he actually did get attention because he led by example.                                           

Chapter 7 Alcompous’s rewards

Criplishpee was so amazed and proud of Alcompous because he made a machine that would change everybody’s cleaning lives and Alcompous helped Criplishpee feel like a winner. Criplishpee gave Alcompous rewards that were so amazing that all the mongerstopegers came to look! First, Alcompous got a lifetime supply of food for building the biggest diamond. Second, he got a note saying that he could work whenever he wanted so he could spend time at home inventing objects and spending time with his family. Finally, he got a stiplikonchiworks, which is a machine that shoots out stiplikonkos as fireworks.

Alcompous felt important and was so happy that he skipped and danced all the way home. Alcompous called his family so he could show them the rewards he got. Al, Come and Pous were extremely impressed. After he showed his wife, Lileypompous, they all had a nice meal together. Alcompous ate quite a lot after the day he had had!

The moral of this story is that you don’t have to be jealous because working together makes everyone a winner!

The End

[i] Mongerstopegers are the germs in Germland.
[ii] Germland is the world were mongerstopegers live and it’s part of planet earth.
[iii] A stiplikonko is a germ version of a hoover.

Peachy the koala by Ashika

Thank you Ashika (Key Stage 1) for this story with an important message

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Listen to Chalkhill School children's Spanish homework

Ms Mallek is so thrilled with the chidlren's work that she sent Chalkhill Writers some sound files that the children recorded and sent her.

The children were sent their work in a PDF file about modes of transport. They were asked to form sentences and record themselves reading as they were working on pronounciation. You can hear the results above.

Ms Mallek said, 'I am very impressed with the work the pupils and parents are putting in. I can see progress and that makes me happy.  I have to say listening to the pupils puts a smile on my face every time!'

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Little Spanish Masterchefs at Chalkhill Primary School

Well, this isn't writing but Ms Mallek set some mouth watering homework last weekend which we thought you would like to see!
"This week end I asked the children to make Spanish Tapas. 

As it was a long week end I thought it would be a good way of keeping the children busy.

These are some of the pictures the children sent me.

They made me happy. We are creating little Spanish Masterchefs."

Beware the The Beast of the Jungle!

Thanks to Wildan of Lower Key Stage 2 for this lovely post

A message for Coronavirus

Brovin from Key Stage 1 looks forward to when Coronavirus is defeated:

Monday, May 11, 2020

Earth Mask by Biana

Biana (Lower Key Stage 2) demonstrates the global nature of the pandemic with this clever poster