Sunday, April 19, 2020

Diary Entry – A way to remain positive / happy during COVID-19 Lockdown

Dear Diary,
As you know that the weather last week was really beautiful. It was nice sunny with temperatures mostly above 20°c throughout the week as if the summer had already started. It was making me wanting to go out in park or beach to enjoy myself in this lovely weather but I couldn’t as we all know “It’s CORONA TIME” i.e. to remain indoors. That felt very sad, boring and frustrating.
One such sunny day, while I was sitting next to the window, I started thinking about my last year’s summer days when on similar sunny weekend, our family along with my parents friends had driven to Durdle Door for a day out. Just the memory of that day brought a smile on my face which made me feel happy and joyful.
So my advice for all during this lockdown to stay positive and happy, just cherish your old beautiful memories as good times will be back soon.
I have tried to draw my memory of Durdle Door beach using MS Paint below.

Thank You
Charmie (Lower Key Stage 2)

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