Thursday, May 21, 2020

Chalkhill School garden and allotment - latest pictures

Ricardo, Franco and Mark have been looking after the school garden while you are away during lockdown. We thought you'd like to see how the garden is looking now:

The rhubarb has had a growth spurt, rcently planted tomatoes behind.
Broad beans are nearly ready but the blackfly have arrived. Ladybirds are eating them but we need more - even bad tempered ones!
Cabbage and garlic - some of the cabbages have been eaten. I wonder who ate them?
A close-up of blackcurrants - still green at the moment. We have to eat them when they are ripe and before the birds find them. Raspberries and gooseberries will be along later..
The strawberries have been pollinated by bees and the fruit has started to form. We have put a net over them to protect them from birds (and maybe little fingers!)

It's only its second year but the grapevine has decided it likes it at Chalkhill and burst into life.We hope to have some grapes next year.

We have several courgette plants - this one has a very early flower. Did you know you can eat the flowers?

The next section of photographs are from our bags in the Chalkhill Community Allotment which is next to the railway line in Anton Place. Mr Francis has been sowing, planting and weeding.

Radishes grow really quickly and will soon be ready to eat. Some people like them dipped in butter.

The onions have just started growing and should be big by August if we look after them well.
Our potatoes are looking healthy, We planted these 3 weeks ago. There are more to come.
The peas are growing fast but haven't had any flowers yet.
These are spinach seedlings. We will have to thin them out to allow the remaining ones space to grow.
If you are growing vegetables or flowers at home during lockdown why not send us a photograph and a report on how you grew them. You will be able to see it on Chalkhill Writers. Send to  (Click on address to send)