Monday, May 4, 2020

A Surprise at the Beach by Arielle

Arielle who is in Key Stage 1 has written this adveture story for us:

One bright day me and my friends, Emma and Mia, went to a beautiful sandy beach with sparkling blue water. The beach was in south west England. We went to the beach in the summer holidays. 

My friends were very kind and loving because they play nicely. First, we built some sandcastles then we got bored so we looked ahead in to the distance. There were some cliffs. At the bottom of the cliffs there was a cave. We decided to go and see what it was like. When we looked deep inside the cave, we saw a dark creepy shadow. The shadow was enormous and had a long tail. We thought it might be a monster. The shadow made us scared. Suddenly we saw that the tide was drawing in quickly so we crept nervously to the side. We were very afraid and the thought of being stuck in a cave with a big monster-like shadow made us terrified. Then we all tiptoed cautiously and looked closer at the bottom. We were so surprised at what we saw - it was just a tiny mouse! We were glad that it wasn’t a big monster. 

Suddenly we saw that the tide was getting close so we rushed outside the cave. When we came out, we were so relieved that we giggled at each other happily.  The excitement made us hungry, so we had a picnic. We had a filling sandwich with cheese and lettuce, which was delicious. Then we had a lovely mango ice-cream. After a nice day we went home and told our parents all about our adventures.

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