Thursday, April 2, 2020

The VERY HUNGRY ballet dancers

My diary,
On 26th April 2019 it was my ballet show day!!! I was kind of nervous of getting a fail, or when everyone is looking at me and I’m getting shy. However, when we went inside the hall there was no one in yet. But when we were changing I was so shy because everyone was changing in the same room!
 So I decided to get changed inside my locker and shut the door of it so no one could enter! Then some children’s came from gymnastic room and they said Miss Alexandra told us to we be your leader, so one of them didn’t even let us to stand up, and I was so bored so I sneaked inside the toilet with my friends and we sat at the huge counter and put on makeup before everyone! That was my crazy friends’ idea.
 When the leaders went out for their turn we started all to stand up and practice. When we were all waiting for our turn, one of our student started crying, we all said what’s the matter and she said I’m  hungry but no one had food with them, so they asked a teacher to get food and, they took so long so all of us got hungry because we came at 11:00am and it was 2:00pm and none of us ate lunch! Finally, they got food but it was just a little tiny baby pizza! So we started cutting them and get a piece.
Finally, it was our turn so we were ready and the music started so, we started walking to the stage and my sister was in another group and their group they got failed so they made up a modern ballet! Because they stayed like two minutes with their arms crossed but, they were supposed to open their arms like a flower so my group had their arms opened and Sazee’s group had their arms crossed so that became a made up modern ballet!  But I was scared of getting a fail. Yeah that was right! I got failed when I wasn’t supposed to be next to someone I was needed to be behind her. By the end of the day, me and my family went back to home and I quickly get changed brushed my teeth and went to bed.
By: Sozee (Lower Key Stage 2)

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