Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Life in Quarantine

Dora is in Lower Key Stage 2 and has written about her life under quarantine:

I’m usually a bubbly, talented and an intelligent schoolgirl who can sometimes exaggerate and overreact over tiny things. However, something that is now happening around the world affects my ability to enjoy, have fun and lead a normal life. It makes me feel quite miserable and devastated since Covid 19 is a rapid widespread deadly disease that has the potential to become worse, which is currently at the state of 10,612 deaths in the UK. In this opportunity, I wish to express my condolences and how sad I am to hear about the losses of many lives. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their families and loved ones. 

Nonetheless, I truly miss school days and miss my friends dearly. 

I was immensely shocked yet not very surprised since I had googled how many deaths the contagious disease caused and here’s what I learned:

Sunday last week- 5,195 deaths                   Today- 10,612

Tell me about it. COMPARE!

When I first heard of the coronavirus that started around November 2019, I thought to myself, how could this get any worse? And yet, up until today, it is still causing a HUGE number of deaths/cases. Please don’t remind me about the future unless something good. Maybe the future will hold a cure for the virus, or at least something equally better. (I wish) 

I feel terrible for the people who died during this widespread, disease and it really melts my heart. 

Back to my view during quarantine. It feels dull and tedious to not being able to go outside and enjoy life a bit more beyond home. However, my recommendation linking to this struggle is to avoid taking any risks and try to do work from devices instead. Avoiding social gatherings and keeping at least 2 metres apart from other people are highly recommended. 

My routine is roughly the same as a casual holiday such as Easter. I do my usual routine, take care of myself by showering regularly and washing hands too per doctors’ advice. I’ve heard that it could pass through air (the virus) and can be passed by touching surfaces that other people touch. For example, a door handle. 

The best and easiest solution to save lives and protect the NHS is to stay at home. If you went shopping, one must change their clothing, as I mentioned earlier, it could pass through air, and touching products. Personally, we even sanitise products and shopping bags as soon as we bring the shopping home, and this is how ballistic life has become! 

If you decide to visit any kind of leisure centre, please wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself and others. 

Thank you for reading this! šŸ˜Š

PS: Please don’t make fun of those who suffer from this type of disease. Rather than making fun of someone, take some time to think and reflect on YOU, how would you feel if you become the next victim? Don’t take viruses as a joke. 
This nightmare will end soon…so REMAIN POSITIVE.

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