Monday, April 13, 2020

Covid-19 - A poem

A Poem by Patrick (Key Stage 2)

I am Covid-19,
I am so powerful
I attacked the mighty China first,
And now I have prevailed all over the world,
I am omnipresent
I am invisible
hence no one takes me seriously at the start,
But within 2 weeks some might feel
slight cough and fever
then within hours I get to their lungs drowning inside, gasping for air
But I am more dangerous than you think
Sometimes tanks of oxygen are not enough to save a man
The doctors and nurses are the only saviours but even then
I don’t always spare neither the future king nor the Prime Minister
I bring depression and fear among everybody,
I have reduced the population,
And in lockdown not many trades and businesses run.

But some fools still don’t believe in isolation
If you love and care
Then face masks and gloves you must wear,
Stay at home and if for right reasons you go then ensure you stay 2 metres apart.

I know I am going to be remembered in history, even after I depart.
But for now you should all play your part.

You might pray to God this Easter
That I am destroyed, and that your world is back to how it used to be.

But look at all the good I have done,
You mistreated the Mother Earth
You polluted its soul,
you killed the animals
Whereas I have reduced the pollution.
I have made people talk to each other
House party and Zoom now boom
Animals are free to breathe

If you want to me to go away-
Remember I came here to remind you
Each day is precious
Look after Earth
and nature reigns supreme
Stay at home


  1. Patrick this is an extraordinary poem. Thank you for sharing it. Please keep well and look forward to when you can meet again with your friends and teachers.

  2. When I told people about this poem I received these comments:

    Wow! What a lot of thought he put into that. It’s incredible.

    Amazingly expressed Patrick. Thank you

    Patrick’s is amazing, but all the work is really, really impressive. Thank you for sharing the work of the wonderfully thoughtful and talented writers of Chakhill.

    That's so fantastic. It should get a national airing

    The poem is excellent and I love the birthday experience. Finding the positives at 9.👏